One Stop Trading

One Stop Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

                One Stop Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an affiliate company of  Phiboonchai Maepranom Thai Chili Paste Co.,Ltd. which one of the leading manufacturers of chilli pastes, sauces, curry pastes, instant seasoning, ready-to-cook sets and various other products under "MAEPRANOM BRAND" and "SIAM KITCHEN BRAND" with more than 60 years of production experiences. We are trading company which offering quality ingredients such as curry pastes, rice sprinkling powder dried spices, Thai herbs and Dried fruit. All products produce with complete honesty and thoughtfulness. It's always Natural and always full of taste with the utmost care and dedication to Nutrition & Well-being. We will not stop exploring excited new ways to enjoy Thai Food, Spreading the Touch of Thai cuisine, the Pride of Thai culture and the Maginficent splendour of Thai art to food lovers around the world. On an endless pursuit of great tasting Thai creations. One stop products under MARKET FOOD BRAND have dried fruits and dried spices which have been carefully and specially selected using modern production technology. You can be sure that our products are full of taste and benefits. Authentic Thai chilli paste "KIENG KHAO BRAND" produce with quality ingredients, loaded of nutrients and rich in aroma and flavour of authentic thai taste.  Seasoned  Flake "AMMO BY CHEF PANG BRAND" are specially selected only high quality spices, tasty.  Easy to use by sprinkle  AMMO on to any dishes.


Raw Materials

All raw materials was specially selected. Fresh from Thai-owned Farms. Hygiene,safety and no residue



International standards production

Our products produce througth modern production technology following international standards,  As a result it has been accredited with international certification; ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP and BRC




Aim to product high quality products

Caring for other with great thougts in creating products that are always good for people's well-being througth modern production processes to preserve its natural colours and flavours.  Provide nutrients from natural ingredients.